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Московская Международная Выставка НедвижимостиМосковская Международная Выставка Недвижимости
Выставка недвижимости в Москве: 10-11 ноября 2017

+7 495 777-25-77

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Moscow International Property Show confirms it's position as Russia's premier International Real Estate event

Moscow, Russia. The Moscow International Property Show held last weekend 10&11 April confirmed it's position as the leading event in Russia for International Real Estate developers and agents, as visitors swarmed to this concentrated two day event.

With 7 years of experience behind them the aiGroup have listened to both the changing market conditions and most importantly to their participants and continue to ensure excellent organisation and most importantly, a constant flow of quality visitors. A total of 173 participating companies from 43 countries ensured an interesting variety for the visitors.

The Moscow International Property Show is somewhat unique in that the organisers feel that they have achieved the perfect size for their exhibition and there are no current plans for expansion. This does lead to limitations on stand sizes (the largest being 12 m2) however it is proving to be a most successful formula for the participants.

"A majority of our participating companies have been with us for more than 4 years. Together we have built a partnership as we fully understand their requirements. The Russian market is growing but this growth has slowed. We have seen competitive events increase their size dramatically, however they have not been able to increase the number of visitors and this effectively dilutes the potential. We are able to continuously increase the number of registered visitors for the same number of loyal participants. This supplies our exhibitors with a higher head count and less competition" states Kim Waddoup the pioneer of this market.

The event is a boutique style, just 2,000 sq meters of space but located directly in the centre of Moscow in an exclusive district. Multi-lingual staff welcome and assist participants creating a very professional and welcoming image ensuring that all energy can be used on talking to the swarms of visitors.

The Moscow International Property Show is also unique in that the organisers can prove the exact number of visitors. With the lack of any form of reliable, independent auditing organisations in Russia, they use bar codes and scanners, "Each visitor is supplied with a badge with a unique bar code. This enables us to publish the exact number of unique visitors and not some 'fantasy' figures with are totally fictitious. I am more than prepared to open these figures to third parties for independent authenticity. None of the other events have any such systems and certainly cannot substantiate their inflated claims" - says a bullish Waddoup. "Over the last 2 days we welcomed 7,513 visitors and most were of high quality"

The Moscow International Property Shows continue to show that highly targeted marketing and careful management will result in increased or consistent numbers at exhibitions in Russia. "The growth that we experienced prior to 2008 was always extensive, naturally this has levelled off, however we are at least able to either maintain or even increase our visitor numbers even during these difficult market conditions."

The dates for the autumn Moscow International Property Show are 13&14 November.

For more information on the aiGroup and their events in Russia:-
Ms. Maria Chikhacheva
aiGroup, Russia
Tel +7 495 777-25-77

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Moscow International Property Show confirms it's position as Russia's premier International Real Estate event.

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