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Московская Международная Выставка НедвижимостиМосковская Международная Выставка Недвижимости
Выставка недвижимости в Москве: 9-10 ноября 2018

+7 495 777-25-77

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Участник выставки недвижимости

Компания: Real Travel S.A.

Real Travel is the first media group to become active in the tourism and real estate sectors at home and abroad.
Its aim is to bring together Greek and international organizations, in both the private and public spheres, with professionals in the tourism and real estate businesses worldwide.
Real Travel is a fast-growing company dedicated to the needs of modern corporate communications. Its aim is a balanced use of effective communications channels to promote optimum professional agreements among clients. Its operating philosophy is a corporate culture based on high quality, organizational efficiency and information technology management.
Real Travel specializes in employing modern communications tools for the professional and targeted promotion of tourism and property in Greece, and their growth potential.

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